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Conference fee prices

There are three conference registration periods and three different conference fee prices for Technical Days, while the price for Business Day is the same for all periods.

Technical Days (October 24th - 25th, 2018):
For Technical Days, during the Super Early Bird period till September 25th, 2018, you will be able to get your registration fee for the amount of 31.000 RSD (250 EUR). During the Early Bird period, which will last from September 25th to October 10th, 2018 the registration fee will cost 41.000 RSD (330 EUR), and as of October 10th until the start of the conference, registration fee will be available at the standard price of 52.000 RSD (420 EUR). If you want to be part of Sinergija, take advantage of the Early Bird period and register today.

Business Day (October 26th, 2018):
The registration fee for Sinergija 18 Business Day is 25.000 RSD (200 EUR) for all registration periods.

If you register for Sinergija 18 Technical Days, you will get a special discount of 50%, and the registration fee for Business Day will amount to 12.500 RSD (100 EUR). The price is the same for all registration periods.

Note: The above prices do not include VAT.

What does the registration fee include?

Registration fee for Sinergija 18 Technical Days provides the participants with the access to all lectures within the conference (for Technical Days October 24th and 25th), lunch, access to the exhibition areas, refreshments, access to all entertaining contents, and conference materials for Technical Days.
Registration fee for Sinergija 18 Business Das provides the participants with the access to Keynote lectures and panel discussions (at Business Day – October 26th), lunch, access to the exhibition areas, refreshments, and conference materials for Business Day.
Registration Fee for journalists provides access to Press Center and available resources in it, as well as access to the protected sections of Sinergija portal provided for journalists.


Billing for Sinergija 18

The service of billing for Sinergija will be performed by Sampro Samardžić & Son d.o.o. company. After the registration, you will receive an invoice for the fee from the company Sampro Samardzic & Son d.o.o. by the email you have provided.

Discounts for registration of more than one attendee

We have provided discounts for those who want to register a greater number of participants. On every 11 purchased registration fees 15% discount is calculated on that amount. You will get 15% discount on 22 purchased registration fees, on 33 purchased registration fees and so on. However if you would for example purchase 15 registration fees, you would get 15% discount on 11 bought registration fees, whereas for remaining 4 you would pay the full amount that is valid for a given registration period.

Discounts are valid throughout all registration periods.


How do I register several people from my company for Sinergija?

In order to register more than one person from a company for Sinergija 18 Conference, choose “company” as type of participant when registering. The next field requires you to enter the number of participants from your company who will participate in Sinergija. After completing the group registration, you will receive an invoice for number of registration fees included in your group registration, via email you provided on registration.

What are promotional codes, how are they used and where can I get them?

Promotional Code is used only if you have received it via email as a conference partner or participant with a special status. A business partner you cooperate with can also give you the Promotional Code, if he or she got involved or mediated with your registration. The Promotional Code provides you with special terms, discounts, or some other benefit for your registration for Sinergija 18 Conference.

If you do not have a Promotional Code, you will receive one at your registration. This code will represent the current registration period at the time and pricing conditions for the period.


What are the ways to provide info on other attendees from group registration?

After a group of attendees has been successfully registered for Sinergija, the person whose data had been given on registration receives registration codes for the company via email. It is necessary that other attendees register online using one code each, so that all of the packages for attendees can be prepared for Sinergija.

When and where will the agenda of the conference be published?

The final agenda for Sinergija 18 will be published on Sinergija portal. At the conference you will receive your card and the agenda with detailed schedule of all the sessions per days, topics and rooms, as well as the list of all speakers.


Will there be a possibility to interact with speakers?

Of course, each session is created in such a way to enable attendees to ask questions and discuss topic of the session. In addition to discussions, you will be able to pose the questions via Sinergija portal or contact some of the speakers directly during and after Sinergija.

What is the official language of the conference?

The official language is Serbian, and the sessions will be held both in Serbian and English. For all additional questions you might have feel free to contact Sinergija team​​


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