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Sinergija 18 - Engage Digitally

Today, when it is clear that the cloud environment is the most powerful engine of the technological development, as well as the driver of innovations in the current way of living and working – we would like to additionally encourage and boost further development in that direction.

Changes are faster and more global, and the success of any digital transformation will depend on mastering the global skills necessary for carrying out the work of the future, from the knowledge and readiness of all local participants to make the next step - to improve existing ones and to create new jobs.

Sinergija 18 topics

At Sinergija 18 you will find out how the digital transformation is seen by the local developer and startup communities, as well as what steps are coming from the participants and creators of regulatory, economic and educational environment in Serbia.


Technical Days

The “Digital Breakthrough” will be open with two technical days (24-25 October), which traditionally feature great number of interesting lectures including topics such as: Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Business Solutions, Data Platform & Business Intelligence, Developer Platform, IoT, IT Infrastructure, Modern Business, Open Source, Productivity & Mobility, Security & Identity, User eXperience, Mixed Reality & Games, etc.

Business Day

The third conference day – Business Day will be held on 26 October. Through lively discussions and interesting keynote lectures, the Business Day will sum up the key steps which need to be taken in further development of the modern digital environment, presented by the participants and creators of regulatory, economic and educational environment in Serbia. All delegates who by conference fees for Technical Days, will offered special 50% discount on Business Day fee.


Sinergija Expo

During numerous networking breaks between sessions of all three conference days, Sinergija attendees will be able to visit exhibitors’ booths. Sinergija 18 Expo zone will be located in the hotel lobby in front of the conference rooms. This will enable better interaction between delegates and exhibitors. If you would like to join us as one of the exhibitors at Sinergija 18, please contact us at

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